The beautiful don't lack the wound

Laurie Bartley

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"I am completely a loner. In my head I want to feel I can be anywhere. There is sort of recklessness that being a loner allows me."

Arundhati Roy (via kari-shma)

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Still my lover won’t return to me

Photographer: Carter Smith

I remember why I fell in love with photography in the first place. For capturing that emotion in that moment where your souls meet and the 1/30 sec of shutter contains an infinite number of possibilities.

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Adore these film stills by Mario Sorrenti for Chloe.

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Iain McKell takes Wicked pictures

by Patrick Demarchelier

by Patrick Demarchelier

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Documentary-styled photographs by Li Hui. Makes me want to pick up my camera and photograph on a daily basis again.

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Chen Man, Beijing-born photographer, takes flawless images that are iconically China yet so quirky. Can’t get enough of them.

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Softly dreaming

Beautiful body of work by Maia Flore.

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Another Romantic

I’ve been admiring Eleanor Hardwick's works on flickr since 2007. Her works have inspired me and her raw talent just leaves me in awe.